Janene C. 

Milpitas, CA


I used to be terrified of going to the dentist. I'd sit in the chair and try to keep my hands from shaking. I hated to go and had a poor opinion of dentists in general.

After complaining about my last dentist, a coworker suggested I see Dr. Tanaka for a second opinion on a new filling that was bothering me.  I went and was impressed by how honest, thorough, and patient Dr. Tanaka is. He helped me get the bad filling sorted out (even called the previous place to explain the issue). Now I recommend to anyone looking for a dentist to go see Dr. Tanaka.

I've been going for a few years now and no longer fear the dentist at all...not even a hint of apprehension. I could find a dentist closer to my house, but I'll gladly drive further to see Dr. Tanaka instead.


Brian T.

Santa Clara, CA


I've been living in the South Bay for over 10 years and for the most of it I've visited a new dentist every time. It's not easy finding a dentist, some are just too rough, some places you question if its sanitary, some places are hard to get an appointment or just simply the Dr isn't friendly or the staff isnt either.

After my first visit to Dr. Tanaka's I was very happy to say I've found my dentist. Dr. Tanaka and his assistant are two very genuinely kind individuals. The office is clean and its relatively easy to get an appointment.


Denise C.

San Francisco, CA


I've been to a few dentists in my life.  The first one I had passed away while he was golfing (heart attack, go figure).  He was really nice.  Dr. Tanaka was my second dentist.  My third dentist I had was when I lived in Portland.  I currently do not have a dentist because my laziness and lack of dental insurance cause me to neglect my teeth.  When I finally get my act together enough to care about dental hygiene, I will go back to Dr. Tanaka and even drive the hour to and from to do so.

Dr. Tanaka is my favorite.  He's very nice, considerate, and kept my teeth feeling good.  He always told me where in my mouth he would clean (and yes, he personally did all the work himself, not a dental hygienist assistant).  "Now I'm going to work on your upper left side in the front" and so on.  Also, you know how they have those water squirters and spit/water suckers?  He always told me to close my mouth down on the tube thingies to get all that extra water out of my mouth so I wouldn't be swallowing on my extra spit and water and other grossness.  

Hmm... writing about dentists can be a bit, er, suggestive.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  

I say, if you want a dentist located near Valley Fair/Santana Row, Dr. Tanaka is your man!


mike b.

San Carlos, CA


Dr. Tanaka is an awesome dentist.  My wife and I have both gone to him for years.  I like the fact that he is a nice guy AND a good dentist.  After long procedures, he calls you at home to see how you are feeling!  He does all the cleaning, etc. himself, so he really knows the state of each of his patients' dental health.  His staff are very friendly as well, and, if you're a fisherman, you're in luck, as Dr. Tanaka knows a lot about fishing!